Why is Senator Susan Collins self-identifying as a Republican?


Senator Susan Collins most recent position in demanding the release of President Trump’s income tax returns is just one more blunder in a long line of policy positions and errors in judgment as Maine’s Republican United States Senator.

Collins recently expressed her willingness to subpoena the sitting President of the United States.

While this type of nonsense is commonplace in Washington among bickering partisans shouting across the aisles, one thing seems out of place. Senator Collins has an “R” after her name. I’m not kidding.

Believe me when I tell you; I’m just as shocked as you are.

Show me yours, I’ll show you mine

Contrary to main stream media narratives, the releasing of private tax returns for public consumption is not, nor ever was, a presidential tradition.

This is an old Democrat party ruse that aims to portray Republicans as evil, rich capitalists and Democrats as saviors of the working class by way of demanding “transparency”. When did it become a bad thing to be successful in America?

Conversely, this “transparency” only applies to Republicans.

When questions were raised about candidate and then President Barack Obama’s experience and qualifications, his college transcripts were guarded and protected like the Hope diamond. Obama’s lack of executive experience and relatively short stint in the U.S. Senate made for a viable argument in favor of more scrutiny as to the qualifications of someone wishing to hold the office of President of the United States.

Those transcripts never saw the light of day.

Why Collins and the rest of the Democrats in Washington are so adamant that President Trump release his personal tax return information is clear. They wish to delegitimize him and undermine his presidency. In Collins case specifically, garnering support for a gubernatorial run in Trump-hating southern Maine is the most likely reason.

The Russian connection

Senator Collins stated reasoning behind a Trump tax return release is to probe for Russian connections. Trump built a global business empire; of course he’ll have at least a nominal connection to a business interest in Russia. I’m also sure we won’t see “Payoff to Putin – $1,000,000” under an itemized expense account.

Collins is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating alleged Russian “hacking” during the 2016 elections and I think the constant ‘Russia this, Putin that’ mantra by media has gone to her head. She must know that this stance will play well in down state liberal Maine.

In case you missed it, do you know how the Russians “hacked” the election?

If your guess is manipulating voting machines, you are wrong. Used agent provocateurs to spread disinformation in the smoky backrooms of Washington DC? Nope. They simply exposed Hillary Clinton and the DNC for what they are, in their own words.

There were no lies, untruths or misinformation spread; just the cold hard truth that our own Department of Justice kept from the American people during the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server scandal.

That’s it. Not exactly Red Dawn material.

Voting record

The Conservative Review gives Collins an “F” on their Liberty Score which compares votes and political ideology on issues such as spending, defense, education, immigration and free market principles.

According to the site, Collins has cast a liberal vote over a conservative vote 90% of the time. That is an astounding number for someone who was elected as a Republican. A 50/50 split makes you a moderate; a 10/90 split makes you a Democrat Senator.

It’s time Senator Collins drop the charade and go the way of former Republicans New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and U.S. Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania. She should seek the warm embrace of her true party – the Democrat Party.

John Floyd

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John is a freelance writer and lives in northeast Maine. His background includes work as a hunting and fishing guide, certified firearms instructor and as a United States Army Non-commissioned Officer. He covers outdoors topics and the politics and policies that affect traditional, rural lifestyle. He can be reached at john@tuckerridge.me or on Facebook @writerjohnfloyd