Why focusing on the border wall misses the point

Donald Trump made big political hay out of immigration and border security during his campaign for president. He repeatedly made headlines as he discussed building his “big, beautiful wall” to the horror of open border leftists.

A wall may or may not be built. All indications are that President Trump is serious about it; but if someone is determined to get around a wall, they will more than likely find a way.

While Democrats were busy screaming racism, they failed to see what made Trump’s immigration stance so appealing to the American working class.

A nation of immigrants

One of the most popular talking points the progressive left likes to use when discussing the issue of illegal immigration is: “America is a nation of immigrants.”

Sure it is. A nation of legal immigrants.

Since the founding of our nation, people seeking to emigrate from their home country and set sail for the United States have had to follow procedures set forth in law to gain lawful entry. There is a very good reason for this.

America, like many countries, wants the best and brightest of potential new citizens. No country wants someone else’s ‘deplorables’. Our nation was indeed built by immigrants, all chasing a dream that only America could provide. They worked hard, integrated into society and embraced what it meant to be American.new-york-city-559753__340

The values enshrined in the Declaration of Independence are what immigrants came here for – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution of the United States of America guaranteed their opportunity, as we are a nation of laws – not a nation of social justice.

Fast forward to modern day America.

The left would have you believe that illegal immigrants flooding through our borders are modern day Ellis Island arrivals. That’s absurd.

Where is the integration into society? Why all the hyphenated American descriptors? Why must English speakers press “1” for a representative? Most of all, where is the dedication and unwavering loyalty to your new country?

We have an immigration policy in place; it’s just not being enforced. Scores of people are standing in line, following the law and becoming citizens every day the hard way. These people want to be Americans; not to just reap the benefits of being in America. Why should immigrants who wish to flout our laws and sovereignty get a first class, nonstop flight to America’s resources?

Undocumented workers

A seventeen year old working a summer job tossing hay bales for cash under the table is an undocumented worker. A foreign national secreting across the border with the intent of making a home in the U.S. is an illegal alien.border-patrol-637725__340

The very act of bypassing Immigration and Customs border checkpoints to enter the country is a crime. Hence, it is illegal.

If you are not a United States citizen and are present on U.S. soil, you are an alien.

No amount of double speak, word manipulation or interpretation can change these two facts. Americans have shown that they are sick and tired of these ridiculous false narratives.

If illegal immigrants truly are bolstering the economy by performing jobs Americans don’t want, they should apply for a green card and do it legally.

Separating families

Compassion is a human quality, not a government function. No one, including President Trump, wants to rip families apart. But that decision should not be the government’s to make in the first place. When an illegal immigrant makes the decision to travel to the U.S. for sake of giving birth to a citizen or any other reason, they are making the decision themselves.

It’s certainly understandable why illegals do it. We all want what is best for our children, regardless of our race, creed or country of origin. However, breaking the law and putting the onus on American law enforcement is unacceptable. This was not the intent of birthright citizenship.

The irony here is that the left believes our law is vitally important when it comes to the ‘rights’ of illegal immigrants, but not so much when a crime is committed and the law is broken by illegal entry.

Refugees and asylum seekers

What started as a noble and gracious policy has morphed into an abused, twisted back door social engineering experiment. Intended to give oppressed peoples an opportunity for safe harbor, to welcome those hunted for their religious beliefs into the warm and reassuring embrace of Lady Liberty, this provision of immigration law so thoughtfully enacted is now exploited for political gain.shinkiari-81770__340

Admitting foreign nationals from terrorist hot spots with the barest of vetting is not only bad policy, it is downright negligent. The national security implications are unfathomable.

The point

A nation without borders is a nation no more. While globalists would cheer this idea, the reality is stark. Who can the world look to when Uncle Sam exits stage left and the bright spotlight of liberty winks out of existence?

President Trump’s promise to build a border wall resonates with Americans not because they want to keep people out or believe he will build it, but because Americans demand law and order from our government. It is one of the key missions the federal government is charged with.

While working class Americans watched their livelihood decline, their liberties threatened and futures compromised, they also saw benefits and unearned rights heaped upon illegal immigrants and ‘refugees’ with the intent of fostering a new generation of dependent, progressive voters.

If you think the idea of a border wall is just about fence posts and lumber, you are probably missing the point.

John Floyd

About John Floyd

John is a freelance writer and lives in northeast Maine. His background includes work as a hunting and fishing guide, certified firearms instructor and as a United States Army Non-commissioned Officer. He covers outdoors topics and the politics and policies that affect traditional, rural lifestyle. He can be reached at john@tuckerridge.me or on Facebook @writerjohnfloyd