Introducing The Right Way

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Welcome to the BDN Blog Network’s newest political opinion blog, “The Right Way“.

Here you will find straightforward, conservative opinion as it relates to current affairs and politics. My positions will be strong, but will always be fair and accurate. I will rely on reason, not emotion. Facts, not supposition.

I will not shy away from tough issues and welcome all opinions. Everyone is entitled to one.

For those on the right, I hope to give voice to your thoughts. For those on the left, my wish is that I leave you with a better understanding on why we disagree on issues of the day.

From presidents to preschoolers, gods to guns and marijuana to marriage, we’ll talk about it…the right way.

Look for my first post on Inauguration Day, January 2017.

– John Floyd


John Floyd

About John Floyd

John is a Registered Maine Guide, an NRA Certified Instructor and is the owner of Tucker Ridge Outdoors in Webster Plantation, Maine. He also works as a freelance writer and is the author of the monthly column “The Gun Cabinet” for the Northwoods Sporting Journal. He can be reached at or on Facebook @writerjohnfloyd